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{Multiplicity, General} Intros: D'alya

What I'd like to be called: D'alya, pronounced as "Dahlia", the flower. Actually, the latter spelling is the one I was born with, I just far prefer the prior, not wanting to be a flower, and so chose that one.
Real name? It will do.

Gender: Female, very certainly. Though not highly gendered, I am more subtly so.
What I am: Human, unless I'm very much mistaken.
How I got here: *laughs* I woke up.

Appearance: You see my icon? A more eduardian version of that. Longer, honey brown-blonde hair, but curly like in the picture. Oh, and my headmates tell me that I have light blonde to light brown highlights and lowlights, and that they look like the natural result of a lot of sunlight. Well, I DO like the sun... I am usually smiling, I'm often in good spirits. My eyes are blue, skin pale flushed-creamy. I'm about 5' 3", just a hair shorter than the body. My body type isn't curvey as an hourglass like Shadow and Alyssa. I am more akin to the body's type, merely more filled out in hips and breasts.

Wind, sun, fields, running, good-but not heavy-food, something constructive to keep my hands busy, good company, simple enjoyment, good conversation, tea and cake, vanilla and honey milk.
Dislikes: Cooking, improperly fitting corsets, being restricted from sunlight, pessimists (including pessimistic optimists), overcomplication, properly grown and arranged flowers-both the scent and the look, any other lovely scents.

Mannerisms: The "grown-up" version of the smiling, laughing, bouncy blonde-haired little girl who runs through sunflowers and wheat fields. Not much different from the ones that show up in period media, just without the required addendum of the life turning to hell after that lovely childhood. I remained of that mindset all through life, and I still am, I merely matured.

My lives as I remember them: As of yet, I do not remember much. I know I was alive in the Eduardian era, though I am not sure in which country or at what point therein. I can't cook-I didn't never cooked my meals, they were always made for me, even when grown (before I left my parent's house, that is), so up till that point I must have lived in a family well-off enough to have a maid and a cook. I was certainly not wealthy. I lived in a small house, with only my parents and two siblings. I don't remember much aside from that, though.