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{Multiplicity, General} Intros: James

What I'd like to be called: James
Real name? Close enough.
Gender: Semi-androgynous with a strong male leaning.
What I am: I am uncertain. Human, until I determine otherwise.
How I got here: I'm another who woke up in here. I was triggered awake by the move, and the need for a snarky, protective, stable force, I suppose. That was around May 2008, when the worst of the moving stress was hitting Rachel. She didn't realize I had woken till...July, I think? Maybe August.

Appearance: As I mention further down, in the life I remember, my father was British (some lord or another, based on the mannerisms he had), and my mother was a (quite beautiful) Indian woman. I have strong influences from both of them. I am around 5'6 or so. On the short side of average for my father's family, fairly tall for my mother's, but I am quite fit, like my father (probably due to upbringing in addition to blood). My skin is a golden-toned medium-chocolate brown. I have the angular shape of my father's face, the sharp jawline and "strong" face, but my mother's soft curves neutralize it out. I have my mother's large, round, expressive eyes, but they are sharpened and squared a bit, and the expression hardened, by my father's influence. My hair is roughly to my shoulders, and black, straight, and sleek-my father's texture, my mother's color. We all used to think I was Native American because of this. My eye color is black, or near-black-brown. Alyssa is insisting that I record my clothing preference, so I will say that despite being raised by an Englishman, I far prefered the clothing of my mother's descent, so I was often dressed in robes, or robe-like garments, with either very loose pants or a "skirt", and a tunic, underneath. I am quite seriously considering requesting a proper set of clothing to be made for me, sometime in the future, as I know Rachel intends to acquire at least one gown for Alyssa, and is still wanting to construct two sets of clothing that remind her of Shadow.

Living, my library, being around those whom I can be civil to, those who can see that there is more to me than the hard, asinine exterior (even though they likely do not know what is there), being able to protect and support my own, writing, quiet comfortable solitude, a damned good book, cooking (especially highly flavored dishes), warmth, drum circles, quiet solitude amongst crowds and noise, swimming, various and sundry animals.
Dislikes: Stupidity, cold, having to tell people (rather bluntly, I am told I am an asshole and socially inept, though I do not agree with that) how it is, being treated poorly so that I will not front, wearing improper clothing

Mannerisms: The upbringing by an arrogant, overbearing, British lord has shaped much of who I am. I act, and move, like an arrogant, overbearing, English lord, yet ironically I hate being called both English and a "lord", and I do not think I am arrogant. Yet my mother's grace and silence has also contributed to my movements, and I walk silently, padding fluidly as she does even as I "swagger" like my father did. My most natural movements are adjusted as much by the mannerisms of my parents as it is by my clothing, however, so it is difficult for me to move comfortably-because I do not have the balance that my clothing lent, and that I am used to. However, I also have the horribly ANNOYING problem of moving the most feminine of any of us, despite the fact that I am quite male-because this body is trained to, if one is moving with grace or silence, move with the hips. I also overcompensate in other fashions for the lack of clothing, thus I move HORRIDLY like a female. It is rather horrible. Oh, yes-and I speak with a heavy British accent. Thank you, father. When I was alive, it also had definite tones of Indian, but it is a difficult pattern for both the body and myself to create...though I know that if I were around those who spoke similarly, I would pick it up again in a heartbeat. However, the difficulty means that I speak with the heavy British accent alone, with no influence (to my knowledge) from the Indian, unless it is perhaps in tone and pitch variances, and the occasions my voice occasionally "bounces".

My lives as I remember them: I do not remember much. There is only one yet that I remember much of. It was in India, in part of the span of time that Britain ruled India. My father was British, my mother was Indian. That is, currently, the majority of what I remember, and all I am willing to say at this time.