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{Multiplicity, General} Intros: Rachel's.

Yeah, I'm caving and making separate intro-posts to link to in the general one. Forgive the spam.

What I'd like to be called: Rachel, or Vris, I'll answer to both but prefer the latter
Real name? Depends on what you define as a "real" name.
Gender: Androgynous, with leanings towards feminine most days.
What I am: Elf (Norse for certain, not sure if there's more there or not), Equine (Arabian, specifically), Feline (various influences). Very much a shifter. There's a bit of a theory going on about this, though, so it might change in the (not so near) future.

How I got here: I'm half dissociation, half construct, of the person who was born in the body, meant to be a sort of self-running remote control, as it were. I've been running the body since we were somewhere between 3 or 4. I didn't know we were multiple for the longest time, and didn't know I wasn't the one born in the body until just a few months ago. (Recently, however, she (her/my hame was Vris) and I integrated, so I'm back to "normal", per se. No more dissociation, no more "remote control", just me now.)
Appearance: It varies, depending on the mood I'm in. Normally, similar to the body, but filled out, skin more flushed, much more freckly (but not in the nerdy sort of way), much less fragile looking. My eyes are shaped a bit differently, and colorwise tend to be grey with changing undertone colors, so far as I can tell. My hair's much fuller, shorter (though not by too much), a bit bushier, and is anywhere from neutral brown to sort of rusty-ish red. My face is rounder, too. That's just the normal one, though...I have any number of appearances I take on, depending on the situation.

Deep blood bay Arabian horse-the dished face, neck-arching, tail flagging, vain type-is one. Big Cat is another, body shape and coat depending on which breed(s) is/are influencing me the strongest. When I am out of body, I am often shaped like a giant glop of freshly dug river-clay, about half the time, the other half it's a tossup what I look like. There are also occasions where I feel-and look-like living fire. Inferno-flame, shooting straight upward, burning and licking everywhere, but mostly shooting STRAIGHT upward. Not outward at all, just UPWARD. Living flame. Needless to say, I am always quite hot when I am like this. Energetically, I am extraordinarily hot, I scorch and burn everything, so hot that I often have a fever when I am like this. I get that hot.

Likes: Horses, cats, fine arts, photography, calligraphy, crafty stuff of various sorts, costuming (in particular, period or recreation garb), weaponry (in particular blades and bow-and-arrow...and I have a particular fondness for throwing knives), dancing of NUMEROUS varieties, singing, energywork (it's addictive), my spirituality and mysticality, heat, fire, LotR (GEEEK), roleplaying (tabletop and liveaction), my family/herd, sex (yeah, I'm a lech, shut up), various and sundry other animals, making things for people, gifting people, helping/healing them (warm fuzzies are win), sappiness and romance, history, culture, mythology, woodworking/construction, interior design, architecture, computer gaming, movies, reading/books, cooking and baking, drums, chocolate/steak/seafood/fruit, corsetry and armour/chainmail...I can go on.
Dislikes: My anger, my disorders, my dysfunctionality and brokenness, fucking up (especially when it offends people I care deeply for), drinking too much, triggers, failing to do something I should, hypocrisy (especially in me), stupidity, semantics, fighting when it's not needed/beneficial, etc etc etc.

Mannerisms: It...depends on the day. Horse is very prancy-bouncy head-tossing tail-flagging ear-pricking wide-eyed curiosity, and I'm more vain in those times than others. Cat is very archetypally cat...sensual, sinuous, languid, quiet, stalking, fluid, sexual. Or, it can be like a cuteplayful kitten, if it's "kitten" rather than "Cat" (which I use instead of "big cat"). Elf is similar to Alyssa, but also different, in ways I can't quite explain. I know I'm much more socially adept when I feel Elf. If I'm feeling Fire a lot, passion, brightness, heat...I mean, take Fire, the element, and it's associations (any that you can think of), and turn it into a person's mannerisms, and that's how I am when I'm Fire. Gypsy is mischevious trickster-type, the sense of humor that gets me in trouble, the always-wanting-to-move, to travel, to move and go and go forward and move on and never stop. Wanderlust and traveler-type is the Gypsy is me. When it's all collected into one, no influence taking prioirity over any other? Take all of those, and smash it into one mannerism. And, also add in a bunch of disorder-type crap, which means I'm probably very emotinally-mentally in tune, over everything else. Which means whatever I'm feeling is overshadowing all the other reactions.

It...really depends on the day. Or the hour. Or the circumstance. I have dozens of different facets of myself that I can feel at any given time.

My lives as I remember them: ...Ohgeeze. Uhm. There was one as an Elf. There was Alyssa's. There were MANY in Ireland. I'd be writing all day if I told you about all of these...I need to write a series of posts, in this journal (not the old one)-or, I need to look through my posts in the old ones and see which to transfer over-talking about my various carnations as best I can. I'll edit this with the links after I do that.