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{Multiplicity, General} Intros: Alyssa

What I'd like to be called: Alyssa
Real name? A mutation of it, yes. Only a few know the true spelling, or as true as I can make it with this alphabet.
Gender: Female
What I am: I feel, more than anything else, human, maybe a bit of elf. I am NOT elf, but it would make sense that I would feel it, as my life was the first after Rachel's most prominant elven life. I am told I am a Jaguar, but I have not decided yet whether or not I am. For the moment, I do not claim it. When I was alive, I was not an Elf, but I was Elfkin (a difference, in my reckoning), and I was a shifter-being. I was not a child of the sea, shifting shape to shape to shape being all I was, I had a form, but I had many similarities and shifted more and with greater ease than most could. I am told I am very, very feline-Rachel says Jaguar-but I do not claim this as my identity.
How I got here: I am one of the people Vris shattered off when we were 3-4, though I am one of the lucky ones who was splintered with a complete identity and personality. I woke July 23, 2007 (to the best of my reckoning), when Rachel spoke to one whom I knew when I was alive, and discovered who she was. It was sharp enough for me to be snapped off, and I have been here since. Due to how the mind evolves, I believe I have changed enough from my initial state for integration to not be easily possible-indeed, my last attempt failed.

Appearance: I am the equivalent of approximately 5'2-5'5. I am quite slim, but at the same time have meat on me, and I've quite an hourglass figure. My skin is a soft paleshadowed shade of brown. My hair goes between my waist and my hips, and it is very thick, black, and falls in large loose curls. It is usually left to hang free, but at times I pull it partially up. For special occasions, I fully dress it, all the way up and with jewels and all. My face is round, but due to the prominance of my cheekbones it looks heartshaped. My eyes are the focus of my face. They are large, but not strikingly so, not like the body's. They are almond shaped, and I tend to keep my gaze downcast or my eyes half-lidded most of the time. My eyes are a deep brown, most days, but when I am working-I mean my personal work, not our cashier job-they turn an intense cerulean-turquoise color. I prefer gowns to anything else, and the ones I wear are, as best as I can describe, a mixture of Greek and Egyptian. I usually wore white, though I also favored pale twilight shades, when I could get away with them. I used to wear an amulet of a large gem the same color as my working-eyes, with gold filigree twined around, but this is now out of my possession. I'm still rather bitter about this.

Likes: Comfortable fiction, my personal work, people who I am comfortable fronting around as myself (not pretending to be Rachel), sewing, wearing clothes that feel more natural to me, the wind (and walking in it), warmth, the ocean, singing, caring for and keeping after those I love or care for. Amongst other things.
Dislikes: Our brain and its disorders, the fact that I am so subject to them that I am forced to have a carefully restricted amount of time fronting, feeling torn between those I love, feeling more than small amounts of emotion, any number of pet peeves, cold. 
Mannerisms: I have the most grace, I suppose, of any of us. My walking is quite smooth and air-fluid, very quiet. I'm told I walk like a feline. I do not often express much through my face, you can really only tell what is in my mind if I tell you, or if you know how to read the minute signs through my body language and my eyes. I often look quite solemn, I imagine, I do not often smile or laugh. I am usually quiet, my responses to others being short, but when I DO actually talk, I can say much. Although, I can also do so without saying much at all. I am much more subtle than Rachel, and equally so to James, but he hides much more in his subtlety than I do, now. Previously, I hid almost everything, but now, I allow much more to be shown in it, as if I trust you enough to front around you (and am comfortable with doing so), it is likely that I trust you enough to see what's there.

My lives as I remember them:
I was a priestess, a very long time ago. I lived the most memorable part of my life a pampered prisoner in a city near the ocean, in what seemed like a mediterranean type area. Or, that is the romanticized version. I was born, however, in desert mountains. I was one of the higher priestesses to my people, and I was sent to the city to gather information. I was a priestess in the city as well as in my home, but in that city you also had to play the politics and the laws if you were a priestess, and that I did. I was a foreigner, and thus very mistrusted by nearly everyone. Eventually, my "information gathering" (read: spying through scrying, I used my amulet combined with another piece, they formed a set I kept well guarded) was discovered and I was no longer a guest, I was a prisoner. I had a very few close people that I loved. One I now call Seachild, who was an assassin, amongst other things, the other two were a woman I considered a sister, and her daughter. The latter two, I tried to escape from the city with, as her life was harder than mine-and her daughter was about to enter it-and was killed from it. None were fond of me, and as it turns out, I was watched and spied on by many, and hunted by several. One group sent a crossbowman to kill me that night. I was shot in the chest by him. I was killed by Seachild, following orders. I share the lives that Rachel has, however, this one is the one I identify with.